Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 Easy Tips How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money

Do you know how to become a successful blogger and make money? Yes, it is possible to do it but it is not an easy tasks. Many people out there starting a new blog hoping that money rolls in soon after only end up dropping  it after several months.  A person who constantly write and comments and gives opinion in a blog are known as blogger. But to become a successful blogger needs more than starting a new blog. You will need to learn the  right blogging knowledge and attitude to become one. If you are thinking about to build a successful blog, you should know how to do it and do it correctly from the start.

The best and the most important advice for you is to learn from the pro and popular blogs about their secret of success and practice it, only then, you will be able to turn your blog into another successful blog. Starting a new blog and keep on writing the opinions and comments sounds as simple as ABC but to become a successful blogger and to earn millions, one  should be dedicated to the blog, have the passion for writing and the first in the list is to be serious in blogging. If you are not seriously doing it, then, don't waste your time.

In this advance technology, everyone is equipped with technology assets and is online every second spending time surfing the net and earning money. Today blogs has become so essential and a best carreer opportunity for people who are hard working, like to spend time online and who love working long hours. Every opportunity will have its consequences, as many blog are left unattended, not updated and some blog were not even renewed. This is all because people of one bloggers do not have the motivation and the passion to carry on with their blogs. When the passion and there is lack of motivation anyone can just fall apart and become unsuccessful. True enough, so where is the tips?

One should have the following skills and personalities in order to become a successful blogger.

1. Learn some good writing skills to write quality contents for your blog
This is the most important.  People visit your blog to read a good and informative blog content. You blog must be able to offer something useful to your blog readers.  The basic and most important tool one should have to become a blogger is writing skills. The blog of a person depends on the how good and creative a person is in equipping their blogs. Writing doesn’t mean a person should be an expert but writing a blog need a person to visualize all the writing as an lay person in order people can participate, understands and can feel what are the issues you are blogging. The quality of your content must be excellent and interesting to make people want to visit it again.

2. Disciplined and hard work
The words “work hard” and “disciplined”  is a number one attitude that a blogger should have. In order to attract people to read their blogs, blogger should update issues, comment and comes out with new and creative things as fast as they can and a time-table should be set up to help them avoid delays . It should regularly update and bloggers should always socialize to promote their blogs in social networks mediums. So you are not only have to work hard but reasonable amount of self-discipline is the cardinal rules to take your blog to a greater level.

3. The attitude of willing to learn to avoid mistakes
If you are not willing to learn new things then blogging is not for you. Learn..learn..learn  and learn to avoid making too many mistakes.  This can be avoided by learning by own mistakes and from the experience of other bloggers but bloggers should avoid all the silly mistakes which can ruin their blogs. Blogger should not be shy and hypocrite but should have the sense to learn more and more each day. Learning news things and sharing will gain more knowledge to upgrade one. Bloggers should not only learn from book but can share with other bloggers, this will help both share experiences and learning form each other. You can be some famous blogger well-known to the world but do not quit reading. Reading is like your right hand where it should do non-stop so you will be equipped with all the latest and advance news and technologies.

4. Good Communicator
A successful blog is when you are able to minimize your blog’s bounce rate.  High bounce rate is an indication that your blog is not interesting and most likely will not able to keep your blog visitors. So you need to learn how to become a good communicator through your blog post.  A good communicator skill is required to become a successful blogger because, the work of a blogger does not stop after writing or uploading information’s but it continues as it goes to the next phase promoting and attracting people in other social sites. A blogger should continue the chain by commenting, replying to comments so there will be two interactions, and people love to see the communications going on as many exchanging of  ideas, skills and experience will take place.

5. Creativity and attractive blog design
A creative person becoming a blogger gives an advantage as creating creative articles, write-ups will attract people, and one can be the talk of the blog readers. This is something extra advantage for a bloggers. Attractive and good, easy to use blog template design is also one of a very important thing a blogger must have to attract more, new and returning blog readers. Readers will regard your blog as amateurish if  you don’t have good and attractive design.

6. Excellent Networking
Your blog is up and running but without a strong networking your blog is not going anywhere and eventually it will stop growing. In today competitive market you need to keep building up network, connecting your blog with other more popular blog to establish your reputation in your niche. Some people setup a Facebook fan page for their blog, blog walking (visiting other popular blogs) or email blasting to promote your blog.

7. Blog Branding Strategy
Branding is very important and good branding efforts will put your blog to a greater level. In order to make your blog more popular, you will need strong branding efforts. Strong branding will help to boost your reputation and authority in the blogging community.

8. Guest Posting
Writing an excellent, informative, attractive and good  blog requires much of your time. This is the biggest problem faced by many bloggers and that is also one of the many reason why many blogger dropped their blog after a few months updating it. So, how to solve this problem?  Easy enough…get people to write for your blog. Open the opportunity for other people to write guest post for your blog. By doing so, it will save lots of time creating new blog content. Surely when you do this the guest writer will use your blog to promote their blog but then it means you can keep updating your blog with fresh content without writing it yourself. Remember that uncle Google loves fresh and good content. The guest blogger normally will write a high quality content as most of them will try their best to impress your blog readers to visit their blog after reading their guest post in your blog.

9. Focus and Smart Promotion Strategy
This is something a little hard to do. Many people would love to write about many things. But to be a successful blogger you will need to focus on your niche. You will need to concentrate on your niche, developing your blog around it until it becomes popular. A blog without strong focus will wander without any specific purpose and if you are looking for a failure, this is one of the exact recipes for failure. Focus  coupled with smart promotion strategy will ensure good result but you need to do if properly. Plan your blog direction from the start and stick to it.

10. Enjoyment and monetization strategy
Ok this will be the last tip for you to become a successful blogger and make money from it. You need to enjoy it. If you don’t like what you are doing then the good advice for you is to drop it and continue with the next better thing in your life.  Without enjoyment and passion, your blog will not going anywhere. How can you expect others to like your blog when you don’t feel happy writing for your own blog? Now, you love writing, and your blog readers is getting bigger. What to do next? Yes, this is a very important question. You want to become a successful blogger and make money from your blog right? There are so many ways to monetize your blog. All you have to do the test and experiment with various blog monetization strategies that are available for your blog. We will talk about blog monetization strategy in our next blog post.

Finally, we hope that this 10 tips on how to become a successful blogger and make money will be able to improve your blogging technique and tricks.  However as we already mentioned again and again that you will have to keep on learning new things and learn from popular blogs. Visit those popular blogs in various niches and try to learn how they do it, then apply those tips and tricks to you blog. We have no doubt that you will become a successful blogger one day and enjoy  the opportunity to make money from your blog.